Tebow Mania Becomes Tebow Media

Published on 26-Jun-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Tebow Mania Becomes Tebow Media

With one exception, none of the following are true, but they have their place as apt expressions of the circus that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft foisted on his reluctant field general, none other than Bill Belichick.

For all we know, that master of the planted camera may well have his subversives seeding the Twittersphere:

Tebow texts Brady


Honorable mentions:

From @EvilMikeTomlin ...

"Patriots have signed the ground to a 2-year contract so Tebow will have someone familiar to throw passes to"

- and -

"Tebow will wear Number 5, representing the number of plays he'll be in for this season"

Finally, this one's true; candor at its best from Dave Zirin, @EdgeofSports ...

"Best non-ironic quote ever from Trent Dilfer: Tebow has everything you want in a quarterback except for his ability to throw a football"