Talib: Manning Better Than Brady

Published on 27-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Talib: Manning Better Than Brady

We already know that, without question, the two best quarterbacks in the NFL are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Since the two have been in the league, they've faced each other 15 times, either during the regular season or in the playoffs.

So, around this time every year, football fans suffering withdrawal pangs get into a debate about who is better. Former Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib -- pang or no pang, seeking headlines -- thinks he knows who.

You gotta go Peyton Manning. Tom is a good friend of mine, what’s up Tom, baby. [But Manning] had an awesome year. He tore it up. He like set the record for touchdowns. He beat Tom in the AFC Championship. You gotta give it to Peyton. Tom know that’s my dog man, he know.

Talib made his comments on the NFL Network. If Brady is his friend, he certainly doesn't need any enemies.

But if you are Talib and Peyton Manning is your new teammate, you know you can't say your friend is better, even if he is.

But back to Tom Brady, who said in a recent interview that he feels the best he has ever felt, which is not good news for the rest of the NFL.

“You know, you don’t have to suck when you get older,” Brady said to Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

It’s hard to explain this to people, but the commitment I make, in terms of keeping my body in shape and my nutrition right, should make me healthy.

I feel better today than when I was 25, and I know that’s hard for people to believe, but I do. I work at it. Basically, I work all off-season to prepare my body to not get hurt. I can’t help the team if I’m on the sidelines. I’ve got to be durable.

People forget that Brady will be 37 when the season starts. Hard to believe, right? And he shows no signs of slowing down.

So, don't bury him or Manning yet, we still have a few more years to bask in their greatness and continue to debate who is better.