Tales from the NFC LEast

Published on 15-Nov-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Tales from the NFC LEast

Each NFL season typically produces one division that woefully underperforms and wallows in mediocrity.

It would appear that for 2013, this dubious distinction goes to the NFC East.

There are a few other contenders for this honor. Divisions such as the AFC North and South, for example, feature teams that will likely finish with double digit wins.

It'll be a shock if this happens in the NFC East. In fact, extracting just one winning record out of this group of misfits may be a chore.

Lets start our tour of ineptitude with the Dallas Cowboys. They are dysfunctional as ever and fresh off a brutal prime time beating administered by the New Orleans Saints. I understand the injuries have been an issue, but yikes! The consensus favorite to win any division should not be losing this badly under any circumstances, not even on the road.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now somehow tied for first with the Cowboys at 5-5. They're currently considered by many to be the new favorite in the division; despite the fact they have yet to win a home game in four tries.

That is just not good.

The Washington Redskins and New York Giants are pulling up the substantial rear at 3-6 each. Incredibly, the Giants are only two games out of first after starting the season at 0-6.

That statistic more or less sums up the current futile state of this division.

Who knows what the immediate future may hold for these teams. Whatever the case, it'll be a struggle, and it won't be pretty.

So everyone, please raise your glasses to mediocrity, the only constant in the NFC East. And don't drop it.