Surprise Standings For Seven NFL Teams

Published on 24-Sep-2013 by Coach

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Surprise Standings For Seven NFL Teams

Miami ... Standing at 3-0, the Dolphins are neck-and-neck with the Pats and were my choice to win the AFC East this year. 

Kansas City ... The big man with the big plan is winning big in KC. Andy Reid has made Alex Smith, once again, a relevant quarterback in the NFL. The Chiefs are 3-0 and look like a contender in the AFC West two-horse race.

New York Giants ... At 0-3 and knowing the Giants, they'll probably still make the playoffs and advance all the way to the conference championship. That is, if Tom Coughlin can keep that bulging vein in his neck from popping first.

Washington ... Led by RG0-3, the Redskins are off-point on offense, which isn't helping their defense. 

Chicago ... With a new head coach, 'da Bears' are looking good, as Jay Cutler is achieving what so many scouts thought he could while playing at Vanderbilt. And the defense seems to be at the perfect age, with guile, guise, and guts. 

Green Bay ... Starting out 1-2 is not good. When you're a Super Bowl-caliber team, it's almost as bad as starting out 0-3. The Packers just dropped a back-and-forth game to the Bengals. In a sinister division, expect the Packers to fend off the Lions for a possible playoff spot

Tampa Bay ... Even with the big acquisition of Darrell Revis, the Bucs are still looking like the Yucs, losing to the Jets, the divison rival Saints, and the Patriots, who were the only team to beat the Bucs by more than two points.