Surprise? Jets Pick Smith to Start Last Pre-Season Game

Published on 22-Aug-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Surprise? Jets Pick Smith to Start Last Pre-Season Game
The anticipation is over.  No more waiting in limbo.
Geno Smith will start at quarterback over Mark Sanchez in the New York Jets' pre-season game against the Giants on Saturday night.
Is this really a big surprise?
Everyone was awaiting the announcement today by coach Rex Ryan. It wasn't a huge shock since the rookie has worked with the first-team offense all week. Supposedly, Smith was in a tightly-contested competition with Sanchez. The only reason he didn't play in the Jets' last pre-season game -- Saturday night against Jacksonville -- was because of a sprained ankle.
Ryan says the Jets just wanted to see how Smith's ankle responded this week before deciding on a starter against the Giants. Now, the story goes that since Sanchez played three quarters against the Jaguars, the Jets needed more time to see what Smith's game looked like.
Do you buy it?
Neither do I.
The Jets are sticking to the party line that they haven't selected a starter for the regular-season opener. Who does Ryan think is going to believe that? Lane Kiffin?
Let's hope that Ryan and the Jets' don't prolong the fake agony, or start the season with another quarterback controversy to keep the Gotham media happy. 

Drop the façade, Coach. Just do what everyone knows you're going to do and be done with it.

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