Super Bowl Winner? God Knows

Published on 01-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson
Football - NFL / NFL Daily Opinion

Divine intervention.

So the last-minute money rush has pushed the line for Super Bowl XLIX to pick 'em.

Could it be that punters have finally figured out that higher powers weren't against the Green Bay Packers in that wacky NFC Championship ending.

Instead, they were for the Seattle Seahawks.

Just ask Russell Wilson:

Well, then, what's God got in store for the big game?

As absurd as Super Bowl Media Day always is, perhaps word of this press conference sideshow took a while to spread:

OK, so how does God do it? Pick the winners, that is.

Who knew that Albert Einstein would be the ultimate tout?

With sportsbook profits soaring, maybe it's time to pay more attention.

God's probably got other things to do.

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