Steve Smith Calls Out Rodney Harrison after Game

Published on 13-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Steve Smith Calls Out Rodney Harrison after Game

Steve Smith seems to have mastered this football thing.

The 37-year old Baltimore wide receiver is still playing at a reasonably high level, but Rodney Harrison doesn't seem impressed.

Harrison, who on NBC appears to be competing with Tony Dungy for the title of most vanilla football analyst, recently made some disparaging remarks about Smith and the Ravens in general.

It was actually pretty benign, with Harrison simply suggesting that the Ravens may be in trouble if they have to depend on a 37-year old coming off a major surgery.

This statement may be completely accurate, but Smith is having none of it.

Mic drop.

That was spectacular.

Smith has always spoken his mind regardless of subject, and when one considers how hard dude had to work to get back on the field this season, it's understandable he'd take it a bit personally.

The longtime Carolina Panther star was going to retire after last season but didn't want it to end with an injury. In that very same post-game interview, Smith also talked about the people in his life who've made sacrifices to help him along his path.

Dude's hardcore.

Harrison quickly clarified his previous remarks, as he'd just assume not cross Steve Smith.

The future Hall of Famer continues to polish that résumé and is now just three grabs away from 1000, which is insane.

The ageless wonder can clearly still ball, and as he so helpfully reminded us, he'll dig back when provoked.

Please don't make him take out the shovel.