Steel Town Troubles

Published on 22-Sep-2013 by Coach

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Steel Town Troubles

The Pittsburgh Steelers are ... well ... how to put this delicately ...

OK, there is no such thing as delicate in the Steel City.

They suck.

The Steelers are literally one of the worst teams out there.

Rivaling their long-time division rival Cleveland Browns, the Steelers are struggling, period. Trying to find any identity on either side of the ball, Pittsburgh is showing up near the rear in most statistical categories and has only managed 19 points on the season.

The season!

Along with that, they're ranked 31st in the NFL in rushing, managing a meager 37.5 yards a game.

The defense seems old at times, and at others, well, if it weren't for Troy the Wonder Boy, it would be downright awful. 

Pittsburgh's offense is currently ranked 27th or worse in points, total yards, passing yards, and rushing yards. Without a consistent offensive identity -- except that they consistently suck in all aspects of it -- the Steelers are going to struggle and possibly even be in line for a Top 5-10 pick in next year's draft.

At this point, that probably wouldn't be the worst thing for Mike Tomlin, if he's still around to see it.

His pants are getting warm now, and if the Steeler's total suckage continues, he could be doing worse than sitting on a very hot seat this off season.