Spring Cleaning Time in the NFL

Published on 30-Apr-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Spring Cleaning Time in the NFL

With the 2013 NFL Draft done and over with, the NFL's war rooms and newly anointed rookies can finally take a breather.

The same can’t be said for some of the veterans around the league, however. We see this every year when new boys replace the old-timers. Don’t be surprised to see a few popular names taking a back seat to their younger teammates.

Pro-Bowl back Willis McGahee might be one of the guys cheering from the sidelines this year. Don’t worry, not the kind that has him kneeling on top of a pyramid of girls with pompoms; there is literally no one in this world who wants to see the 235lb McGahee wearing those outfits. No, he'll carry his helmet instead of wear it for two reasons, both of which a located in his knee. He's coming off his second MCL tear this season. That's two more MCL tears than newly-drafted back Montee Ball has.

With a questionable future for McGahee, expect the Wisconsin graduate to take the bulk of the carries for the Broncos this season.

Now, all the talk about veterans taking a back seat is not necessarily a bad thing. New Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb will be competing for snaps with Florida State’s EJ Manuel this year. Hard to believe, after that amazing season Kolb put together for the Cardinals. Harder for Kolb to believe, too, after Buffalo traded for him and prompted his comment about leading the Bills to the Super Bowl. Maybe so, but only if he's driving a tour bus.

With Manuel being taken with the 16th overall pick, the Bills will most likely give preference to the dual-threat quarterback after watching Robert Griffin III, not counting that whole torn-ACL thing.

Kolb simply doesn’t have the skill to be a franchise quarterback, so his not trotting out with the offense on Week One could be no surprise at all by then.

The same can be said about the New York Jets. Geno Smith’s name being called by the Gang Green in the second round just shows how little hope they have in Mark Sanchez; this is encouraging, as it's the first indication in two years that their front office finally sees what everyone else does. Sanchez's legacy with the "J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!" was sealed with his earning ESPN’s prestigious “Worst Play of the Year” award for his infamous butt-fumble.

With David Garrard’s age becoming an issue -- the Smithsonian keeps calling these days -- and Tebow sent packing, Geno is the number two guy … for now. Sanchez could not have less job security. It’ll be a shootout between the two to see who gets the starting reps come game time.

Just like every year, it’s time to wave goodbye to all the starters we have come to know and love. Well, unless you’re a Jets fan in Sanchez’s case.  It’s spring cleaning time. Out with the old and in with the new.