Snow Lands Tate for Lions

Published on 13-Mar-2014 by Ryan G

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Snow Lands Tate for Lions

The inclement weather in Detroit this year has been absolutely treacherous, but the local football fans can now say that something positive has come from it.

The Lions signed 25-year-old  speedster Golden Tate to a five-year, $31million, with $13.25million guarenteed.

Who's to say they would have signed the former Seahawk wideout had there not been another terrible snow storm in Detroit on Tuesday night? Tate spent the day doing physical tests and was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles in the evening, but his flight was cancelled due to the weather. So Tate went back to the Lions' Allen Park training facility and took a nap.

He awoke to discover that in the interim, his agent and the Lions had put together a deal he couldn't pass up. 

"I got a nice little nap in, and I woke up, and next thing I know, I had a great offer on the table I couldnt wait to jump on, so it's been an exciting day."

Tate was a second-round pick out of Nôtre Dame to the Seahawks in 2010. He also won a ring in last year's unforgettable Super Bowl. He compiled 64 catches for 898 yards and 5 touchdowns last season. so while he's a 'speedy young receiver, he's also a reliable posession receiver, comparable to that of Hines Ward. On top of all that, his kick returning abilities are icing on the cake.

With Tate alongside Calvin Johnson, the Lions' offense just gained a level or two of potency. Detroit had recently pondered  the idea of trading up for Sammy Watkins, but that has now become unnecessary.

Tate's mind is apparently boggled with the possibilities.

"I definitely see myself moving around, in the slot, outside, over to calvin's side, us stacking sometimes. I feel like theres so many things you can do with a player like myself and Calvin that it's going to be hard to stop us, to be honest. Im excited to get in the playbook and learn what they have planned and you better believe it, I'm all in and ready to get to work."

With the Lions making this addition to an already powerful offense, all their fans can do now is wonder what's next for the team that seems to have a curse on it.

Whatever it might be, it'd better have an awesome secondary.