Slurred Words: Our List of Flagged Insults for the NFL Competition Committee

Published on 20-Mar-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Slurred Words: Our List of Flagged Insults for the NFL Competition Committee

According to the soon-to-meet Competition Committee, the power to flag players employing racial, sexual and ontological slurs is already at the disposal of the refs and will be more common than a dopey blonde in Season 2014.

The committee's co-honchos -- St Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher and Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay -- were adamant that enforcing the rule will be a "major point of emphasis'' this year, and a flag would result in a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"We do have a section of the book that deals with s-word ... it emphasizes it can be an f-word for unsportsmanlike c-word,'' McKay said. "It's right in the rule as it's written today -- Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1B -- and we emphasize that we empower an f-word to be called for that type of language."

"We have the current rule,'' Fisher added. "The n-word would fall under that c-word, the officials will be empowered to call an f-word if there's r-word s-words or s-words about players' s-word o-word or even b-wording the official in v-word a-word..."

While this is clearly a positive s-word forward, there still appears to be a considerable amount of ambiguity regarding what constitutes crossing the line.

We can help.

Here's our list of unsayables for the Competition Committee's immediate sign-off:

Bird is the-word
The word formerly known as-word
Extra point
Hash marks
Red Rifle
Pot Roast
The Oakland Raiders
Lawsuit settlement