Should Manning Retire if He Wins Another Super Bowl?

Published on 20-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Should Manning Retire if He Wins Another Super Bowl?

Peyton Manning is finally going back to the Super Bowl for the third time in his career.

Like Denver Broncos general manager John Elway when he won his first Super Bowl, Manning will be appearing in it just a month shy of his 38th birthday.

He's also on the verge of winning his fifth NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

Manning had a career year this past season, breaking the touchdown passing record once again and leading his team to victory over the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game.

If he wins his second Super Bowl, the question will be asked, should he retire? What would be left to accomplish if he wins another Super Bowl?

Many football experts have said if Manning pulls this off, he'll be considered the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time. Of course, with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw each having four in their collections, those 'experts' are making a circular argument. After all, if two titles would qualify Manning in the eyes of these 'experts' when others have twice as many, what importance are they really putting on championships as 'greatest of all time' criteria? It would seem there's little difference between one or two, then, if the bar has already been set at four.

But with all the records Manning owns, Super Bowl wins -- that's plural if he wins his second -- and MVP's, you'd be hard pressed not to make that argument that he was better than Montana in his day. Plus, he'd win his second Super Bowl with his second team, too.

Frankly, Manning's decision on whether or not to retire isn't even in his control. His contract calls for an examination of the vertabrae in his neck after each season. If the doctors determine his risk of permanent injury has increased, he's done.

Here's a refresher on the injury he sustained and the procedure he underwent:


In any event, don't expect Manning to do a Brett Favre, who tarnished his reputation by coming back to the game twice after he was supposed to be retiring. Manning doesn't have to prove anything more.

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