Should the NFL Police Fights in Practice?

Published on 21-Aug-2015 by Towner Park

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Should the NFL Police Fights in Practice?

The obvious answer should be yes.

Ironically, this is one of the very few issues the heavy hand of NFL management's hypocrisy doesn't touch.

So we're left to ask, how much of one is this, anyway?

With recent incidents involving two New York Jets in a locker room and Dallas Cowboys' WR Dez Bryant being punched during a scrimmage with the St Louis Rams, the headlines are predictably screaming.

Are we overreacting as a society? Are we being excessively sensitive? Do NFL players' faces matter?


Fights happen, people. Just handle them internally.

Because these scrimmages are being covered by so many media outlets and everything is seemingly videotaped nowadays, we're simply seeing what's actually been happening all along.

Yes, the excessiveness needs to be halted, and sucker punching is cowardly, but in the heat of the moment, I don't think two people getting into it is too big of a deal . It's a part of the game. It happens in every sport.

Competition breeds high emotions. Those emotions turn into irrational thoughts at times, and when people become irrational, they sometimes project that outwards using physical force.

I'm still going to watch the NFL regardless of who beat whom in a fist fight.

Now, sometimes it goes too far, but those incidents should be handled individually by the team. You can outlaw fighting, but it will still happen. Football may be the lowest-paying of the four major North American sports, but these jocks are still making shiploads of cash.

Pro sports salary averages

The only way you'll get their attention is by charging $1million a punch, but that's crazier than society's three-strike laws.

The bottom line: We shouldn't overreact. It's a fight. With fists. Oftentimes, all they hit is helmets. Isn't that punishment enough?

Does anyone really expect these guys to play nice when their job is to annihilate their opponent using physical force?