Shed Your Skin: Five New Name Choices for the Washington Casual Racisms

Published on 9-Aug-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Shed Your Skin: Five New Name Choices for the Washington Casual Racisms

Controversy over a Washington Redskins' name change won't end until a Washington Redskins' name change.

And now more than ever, a Washington Redskins' name change appears to have momentum.

Days after Green Bay CEO Mark Murphy -- a former 'Skins alum and DB for their '82 championship team -- called the title "derogatory", prominent online mag Slate drew a line in the editorial sand, committing to the tags "Washington" or "the Washington NFL team", and ending all further reference to the Redskins moniker. Although Slate may have an agenda beyond halting offense to Native Americans, their stance represents another significant wedge driven between the outdated, small 'P' pejorative and its supporters.

Has the time come for Redskins' chief Dan Snyder to massage his hard-ass approach to the issue? If so, courtesy of The Daily Player's sensitive and tactful creative department, here's a few ready-made replacements:

Crimson Epidermises: May not have the same cache as "Redskins", but will only offend dermatologists.  

Generals: Great name. Imperious. Commanding. Always associated with triumph and excellence. Currently not being used.

Hook-Slides: Less of a name than a constant reminder to Robert Griffin III.

Ovechkins: Why not? He's everywhere.

Leg Annihilations: In tribute to Joe Theismann. Have a picture of that on your helmet and watch the opposition shy away from contact like a team medico from Toradol.