Shanahanigans In Washington

Published on 11-Dec-2013 by Coach

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Shanahanigans In Washington

Mike Shanahan is in the exclusive company of 12 other NFL head coaches who have won multiple Super Bowl rings.

The man might know what he's doing.

However, he's got quite a few dudes in the greater Washinton DC area freaking out.

Mike Shanahan is planning on benching Robert Griffin III and starting Kirk Cousins.

With three regular season games left and no playoff shot to try for, Shanahan is planning on giving RGIII a repreieve. Shanahan is deferring to an extended "healthy off-season" that the star quarterback missed last year. 

While I can understand how the Tan Man of the NFL is thinking --looking at the long term rather than this season's now-meaningless short term -- I'm sure there will be a seriously diminished fan base on 22 December when the rival Cowboys come to FedEx Field. 

These types of Shanahanigans are not likely to go over well with Dan Snyder, among others. But again, the man has won two Super Bowls and gotten multiple quarterbacks to produce a high quality of play in his tenure. Didn't Snyder hire him because of his credentials?

We'll see if Snyder takes all that into consideration more than when he and everyone else wanted to see Griffin on the field during last year's playoffs.