Sean Payton Advocating for Full-Time NFL Officials

Published on 4-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Sean Payton Advocating for Full-Time NFL Officials

The NFL doesn't always apply logic to most many of its policies and rulings.

In fact, the league is frequently ridiculous or flat out hypocritical, usually in an effort to 'protect the shield'.

Recently, New Orleans Saints head coach and former BountyGate scapegoat Sean Payton broached a subject that would fit quite comfortably in the ridiculous category.

The NFL is currently the only major sports league that doesn't employ full-time officials, a fact to which Payton referred as 'madness'.

This sentiment has been voiced before.

When one considers the complexities of the NFL rule book, not to mention the pressure-laden microscope officials operate under, it's remarkable that they're only employed on a part-time basis.

The importance of their job can't be overstated, and as Payton points out, there are countless calls and rulings questioned by head coaches every week.

Without more thorough training, this problem will only get worse, particularly as the rule book becomes even more ambiguous.

Remember the great NFL referee lockout of 2012?

The Green Bay Packers sure do.

The importance of competent officiating was never more alarmingly clear than during those dark days.

A labor agreement was reached after Week 3 of that season -- due mostly to the public backlash -- and the possibility of employing full-time officials at a later date was included in the deal.

The NFL certainly generates enough revenue to pay these dudes full-time salaries.

Even though Roger Goodell's salary is now only $31million per year, he could probably help out.