Seahawks Test Their Mettle in Week 4 Clash with Texans

Published on 28-Sep-2013 by Alan Adamsson

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Seahawks Test Their Mettle in Week 4 Clash with Texans

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t wasted any time living up to their projection as one of the biggest Super Bowl contenders available on the NFL moneyline.

This Sunday, they’ll look to add another notch in their belt with a significant Week 4 victory over a formidable Houston Texans squad.

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While the Texans started off their 2013 campaign with a disheartening loss to the Baltimore Ravens, there’s no denying that, after their rebound in Weeks 2 and 3, they have NFL odds worth taking a look at of their own. As long as running back Arian Foster continues to hold up, Houston could be what they're expected to be, which is an eventual post-season contender in the AFC.

With 20:1 odds of winning Super Bowl XLVIII, the Texans are just revered enough to be dangerous. They may lack the hoopla that some of their conference counterparts share -- think New England and Denver -- but that doesn’t mean they can’t still win when it counts.

Sadly for Gary Kubiak & Co, regardless of their efforts over the weekend, they may not have what it takes to knock off these Seahawks. Seattle’s 17:4 NFL futures are good enough for the second spot in the league behind the Broncos.

A win over a one-time AFC favorite like Houston could propel their stock to new heights.

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