Seahawks Go All-Seattle for Championship Atmosphere

Published on 17-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Seahawks Go All-Seattle for Championship Atmosphere

It's a fact of NFL life that a trip to the Pacific Northwest offers a unique experience.

Yes, the Seattle Seahawks stole the 12th Man schtick from Texas A&M, but they settled. It's well past time to move on.

And Seattle's 12th man is capable of moving the stadium and surrounding environs up and down.

Remember this:

This occurrence is only one of many reasons why Seattle residents think they're distinctive. That would be as opposed to Portland residents, who Seattle residents think are just weird.

The Seahawks are pulling out all the stops for their title tilt against Green Bay, and part of that will be an attempt to keep the 12th Man stoked. Even at halftime.

Actually, especially at halftime. The home team wants to be sure the energy keeps on charging. So, they've booked another part of Seattle's idiosyncracies: another sort of famous Seattle sound:

For those who simply must label genres, this may be known as grunge. But as born-and-raised Puget Sound denizens know, this is actually an extension of a local culture that stretches back to the 1950s that's commonly known as garage.

As The Daily Player's musical direction is guided by the spirit of Little Steven's Underground Garage -- the world's most widely syndicated radio show that expanded into its own Sirius channel -- this seems like the perfect time to pay homage to what's acknowledged to be the two groups -- actually, truth be told, from nearby Tacoma -- who popularized this sound.

That would be the Wailers and the Sonics:

Those and the Pacific Northwest bands that followed after them -- including Paul Revere & the Raiders and the Kingsmen of Louie Louie fame -- had much to do with influencing the Ramones, who Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Steven van Zandt showcases as the focal point of his show.

This is not taken lightly in the Puget Sound area. Not for nothing did Seahawks owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dump a shipload of dosh into his Experience Music Project, nestled -- some would say dumped -- at the base of the Space Needle.

And now Allen and his team expect one of the city's musical luminaries to light it up while the Seahawks and Packers take a break, carrying the momentum through to the second half. That way, not even another Seattle distinction -- winter rain -- will dampen the mood.

Will it work?

Who cares? Any time is the right time for catchy tunes. That would include one that, regarding the game itself, lays it on the line: