Sark Dumps 'Bama for Falcons Gig

Published on 8-Feb-2017 by CJ

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Sark Dumps 'Bama for Falcons Gig

Conservativism is a common thing in the NFL.

For the record here, we're not talking about The Shield's boardrooms or anything.

Conservatism in football involves staying the course rather than going for the gamble.

However, sometimes football coaches overthink things, especially in the big game.

If the Falcons had simply given the ball to GOAT RB Devonta Freeman, it's quite possible they'd be Super Bowl champs right now.

But no. The Falcons panicked and decided to have Matty Ice throw the ball, even though they were already in field goal range. So, what were they thinking?

Obviously not that Freeman was better at rushing than stopping a pass rusher.

Just like the Seahawks before them, the play calling on the offensive side cost the Falcons the game in crunch time. The only consolation for Atlanta's offense was their defense also let them down in OT.

Unlike Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell, Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan is getting a promotion after his Super Bowl losing play calling.

With that crew, at least, he won’t have to worry about blowing a Super Bowl for a long, long time.

Replacing Shanahan will be Steve Sarkisian, aka the dude who was Alabama’s OC for one day. To be fair, that was for the National Championship, which is noting to laugh at.

Unless you're Nick Saban's defense, of course. That's two years in a row Clemson laid 40+ on them.

Then again, Lane Kiffin leaving may have cost 'Bama the chance at going back-to-back as National Champs. No matter what anyone thinks, it's tough to messing with the winning factors that got them to the party.

Sarkisian was an offensive analyst for Alabama, a job that basically entails just watching hours and hours of game film.

Sark’s full résumé does include some major coaching gigs, including being the head coach at both Washington and USC. Dude's Husky hears included four winning seasons as well as a 2010 Holiday Bowl victory over Nebraska.

However, at USC, Sarkisian’s personal demons began to overtake his on-field success. USC relieved him of his duties after he took an indefinite leave of absence to deal with his alcoholism.

Still, one has to wonder. His philosophies aren't that much different than Shanahan's. Does Atlanta's version of conservatism mean they want someone to play the same style as Shanahan did?

Possibly, which is ironic in itself, but these are the times we're in.

With such names as Ryan, Freeman, and of course Julio Jones, Sark will have a lot of weapons at his disposal.

Almost as many as Alabama.