Sapp: I Apologized to Strahan

Published on 3-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Sapp: I Apologized to Strahan

See if you believe this story or not.

Then again, ask yourself if anyone really cares about his Super Bowl week sideshow.

According to Warren Sapp, he apologized to Michael Strahan over the weekend.

Sapp claims he approached Strahan and basically begged for his forgiveness. Problem is, if you read his quotes, you'll find it hard to believe he apologized or was even sincere if he did.

"I hugged him and wouldn't let him go," Sapp said Sunday on the NFL Network. "I said, 'Please forgive me.' I said, 'Dumb Lex Luthor came to the city of Gotham and pulled Superman's cape. How foolish could I have been, my man? Please forgive me.'

"If he tells the story any different, he's lying to you, America, because I sure did apologize. I'm going to beg for forgiveness because there's a party in Canton, and I promise you, I'm not going to miss it."

Lex Luthor was smarter than Warren Sapp. 

So, basically, Sapp apologized to Strahan because he didn't want to be shunned at next year's Hall of Fame ceremony, of which Strahan -- who was voted in Saturday -- will be a headliner.

I believe in Sapp's sincerity as much as I believe in the Easter Bunny. Strahan hasn't said anything so far, which is probably smart.

He knows he's won the public relations battle and won over public opinon in this situation, so why not continue to let Sappy make an ass out of himself?

He does it so well.