Sanchez Hurt During Jets Pre-Season Game

Published on 25-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Sanchez Hurt During Jets Pre-Season Game

Remember the commercial that asked "Do you want to get away?"

If you asked New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan that question last night, the answer would be yes!

To say last night was a disaster would be accurate. Geno Smith looked like an NFL rookie -- throwing three picks -- and Mark Sanchez got hurt late in the game.

Ryan is taking heat today for letting Sanchez play in the fourth quarter of their pre-season contest against the New York Giants.

Sanchez has a shoulder injury, and as of Sunday, no one knows how bad it is. When asked last night about his late-game move, Ryan took the blame for his ill-advised choice of quarterbacks.

"That was my decision. That's my decision all the way," Ryan said  about putting Sanchez back into the game. 

"We talked about the [quarterback] competition, and that was something that I felt was important. If it wasn't important, then I wouldn't have put him in there. I would not have put Mark in if it wasn't important."

After three pre-season games and various practices, shouldn't Ryan have a better idea by now who will be starting in a few weeks? And did he really have to repeat himself by trying to sound like Yoda?

What he did last night was so bizarre -- and to be frank, so dumb -- that many wonder if Sanchez is really hurt, will Ryan lose his job over it?

Probably not, but it's obvious he has lost his mind or about to. Maybe he needs to read the Mike Shanahan rule on risking star players during pre-season: Don't play them!

So, what's now in play is Ryan's job.

And don't look now, but Matt Leinart and John Beck will be heading south from Buffalo if either or both fail to land a last-minute shot in Buffalo.

Yes, the Jets' quarterbacking situation has fallen that far.