Sammy Says See Ya’ to Eagles

Published on 26-Apr-2016 by CJ

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Sammy Says See Ya’ to Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are more like kids in a messy divorce than players in a franchise these days.

Seems that returning GM Howie Roseman is purging anything or anyone associated with Chip Kelly.

It's definitely a scorched earth policy. For example:

  • He traded former star running back DeMarco Murray to the Titans for a fourth-round pick, and then
  • He dealt two defensive playmakers in Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso to the Dolphins.

What great player did they get in return from Miami?


Instead, the Eagles get to swap their No 13 pick for the Dolphins' No 8.

Is Roseman the type of dude you'd expect to see in a plaid sport coat on a car lot or what?

We now know that this pick shifting was part of the Eagles' master plan to secure the No 2 pick in the draft from the Cleveland Browns. The price was five picks:

  • Their first, third, and fourth selections next week, and
  • Their first and second in 2017.

Who in the wide world of sports would make such a deal?

Regardless of whether the team takes Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, or Paxton Lynch -- basically, anyone who can prove he's had no association with the Chipster -- experts predict the Eagles to take their future franchise QB with this pick.

Ya think?

If a team trades a shipload of picks, they'd better use it on a position that has the biggest impact on the field.

However, there remains one man in the city of Philly who's completely against this idea.

Sam Bradford.

Dude's one of the few remaining pieces from the Chip Kelly era that Roseman hasn't traded, released, or shot. He re-upped this past offseason in the expectation he'd be the starting quarterback.

The prospect of being unseated by Philadelphia’s first-round pick reportedly has Bradford so peeved that he wants outta town.

Good luck moving that contract. Just ask the 49ers.

Besides owing Bradford $22million, the Eagles also owe recent addition Chase Daniels $21million over three years, $12million of which is guaranteed.

By trading Bradford to a team like the Jets or the Broncos, Roseman can free up some dosh on a position where the Eagles are likely to be heavily invested in three different dudes, and only one of which can play at a time.

Plus, there's the fact that Bradford gets injured every other week.

So go ahead, dude. Ask for that trade.

It may be the best thing you ever do for the City of Brotherly Love.