Rolling Stone Article Shines More Light on Hernandez

Published on 28-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Rolling Stone Article Shines More Light on Hernandez

The complicated life and times of Aaron Hernandez  are being examined in a new Rolling Stone article.

It delves into why the former tight end's privileged life has become a dumpster fire over the past few years.

Many in his circle say it started around the time his father died. The shocker in all of this is how big of a role both Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and former Florida head coach Urban Meyer played in his life.

You would think it was a positive role, but mostly it seems as if Belichick and Meyer overlooked Hernandez's problems rather than do something to help him.

At Florida, Meyer knew Hernandez was continuously in trouble and did try to get Tim Tebow and the Pouncey brothers to watch after him, despite the fact that he knew he was troubled. 

There were reports then that Hernandez punched a waiter and may have been involved in a shooting down there.

The most troubling thing at least implied, is that Urban Meyer kept police off of Hernandez's back, which may explain why the public didn't know what went on during that time until these other investigations came up.

Belichick also knew Hernandez had a troubled past, and according to the Rolling Stone, there were signs such as drug use, missing practices, blowing off teammates, fears of violence against him, and paranoia that were known by the Patriots but ignored. 

Not to mention the fact that Hernandez scored a one out of 10 on a pre-draft psychological test for "social maturity."

In fact, Belichick encouraged Hernandez to rent a safe house when Hernandez was worried someone was out to kill him. Who tells a player to rent a safe house?

The fact reminds that Hernandez has had enablers all his life, which may explain why he sits in jail cell today thinking that, once again, someone or something will rescue him and save him from himself.