Rodgers to Packers: Time to Retire Brett Favre's Number

Published on 24-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Rodgers to Packers: Time to Retire Brett Favre's Number

Normally when we talk about Brett Favre, we're cringing because we might hear the word's "He is coming out of retirement."

But not this time, thank goodness. No, this time, we are talking about Favre's famous No 4 jersey being retired by the Green Bay Packers.

Since leaving the Packers, Favre has played for the New York Jets -- allegedly where his heart will always be -- and Minnesota Vikings, where he did a bit of recruiting from the Pack's ranks. The latter stop left a bad taste in Packer fans' mouths, and for understandable reasons. And some Vikes' VIPs weren't all that excited to see him in purple and gold. But one Packer thinks it's time for the team to honor Favre.

Aaron Rodgers.

The quarterback who unseated Favre told Jim Rome he'd be "excited" to see Favre's number retired in Green Bay.

"It's been too long," Rodgers said. "I think our country and the state of Wisconsin, these people are people of second, third and fourth chances, and I think it's time to let the healing process begin for those who are still upset about what went down.

"I was totally OK with being out front of that, and I'm very secure of the things I've been able to accomplish with the team and individually here in Green Bay, and excited about the chance to see him again and get his number retired here before he goes into Canton."

That's very gracious of Rodgers, considering the fact that Favre pretty much has acted like a jerk towards him. There are reports that when Rodgers led the Packers to a Super Bowl win a few years ago that Favre never called and congratulated him on the victory.

It's also well known fact that Favre didn't exactly mentor Rodgers while he was with the Packers.

So, for Rodgers to come out and say he'd like the Pack to reconcile with its former quarterback is big of him.

Now let's see if Favre is big enough to get over himself long enough to accept this olive branch.