Riley Cooper = Nobody's Role Model

Published on 3-Aug-2013 by Towner Park

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Riley Cooper = Nobody's Role Model

In this day and age, anything and everything is publicized, especially with the amount of technological devices that record audio as well as video; everyone is susceptible.

You could be walking down the street on a casual Wednesday afternoon and someone could be recording your every step, hoping for something hilarious to transpire. People can record and delete with the click of a simple button. It only takes one misstep, and not only could your integrity be in question, but your reputation as well.

As a high profile professional football player, I want to say that Riley Cooper should know better. I'm certainly not going to defend his actions, nor is there any reason to. Although alcohol was a significant part of the incident at the concert he attended, there is no excuse for him to use such foul language; especially since he represents not only the Philadelphia Eagles, but the NFL as well.

Verbally assaulting another person is simply wrong. Adding a racial slur to that verbal assault is unwarranted and outrageously ignorant.

I've followed Riley since his days at the University of Florida. A seemingly humble and congenial individual, I thought he was just a simple athlete trying to make a living with the game he loves.

Although his statistics aren't eye-popping, he has been a somewhat solid role model thus far for the City of Philadelphia. The chance he has received this year with Jeremy Maclin being out for the season was a blessing in disguise for him. To start the season off on such a positive high, it is utterly embarrassing to see him go and do something so foolish like this.

And then Kenny Chesney decided to have a concert......

With one word, Riley Cooper is now the poster child for ignorance; racial ignorance.

As individual people, we have all said numerous things we wish we didn't, especially while intoxicated. Speaking from a personal standpoint, I certainly have said a multitude of outlandish things that I certainly didn't mean and now regret. We are humans, and as humans, we are prone to make mistakes.

This mistake is incredibly costly for Riley Cooper. He made a major misstep with what he said and now he's the white elephant in a divided locker room. Although some of his teammates support him, others can't believe he would utter such words and therefore, think that his true character has been revealed.

You know, maybe it has or maybe it hasn't. No one really knows except for Riley. He made a mistake. Although his apology seemed genuine, he is taking an extended absence from the team to explore the true impact of the words he chose to use.

I refer to my grandmother who offered wonderful advice. She said; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Riley, take note. My grandmother is brilliant!