RG3 Proves Haters Wrong, According to RG3

Published on 3-Jan-2017 by CJ

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RG3 Proves Haters Wrong, According to RG3

Robert Griffin III had one of the best rookie QB seasons in NFL history.

I mean, dude took the 'Skins to the playoffs.

His career path since then, however, has been ... how do you say ... bad.

Really bad.

I imagine a roller-coaster metaphor of his career would look something like this:

Injuries have taken a toll on his career, as Griffin has only played in 27 games over the last four seasons combined. 2015 was the worst.

It all started when he suffered a concussion in the pre-season.

Washington opted to put in Kirk Cousins, who performed quite well. Cousins' pre-season went so well, in fact, that he won the starting slinger job over RG3.

Griffin would never see the field again as the Redskins' QB. Cousins had proven to Redskins fans that you like that.

By 2016, Griffin had gone from franchise savior to victim of the cutting block.

But dude didn't give up hope. He was going to prove everybody wrong. Despite his now long injury history, he was going to work his way back into an NFL star.

Unfortunately, Griffin chose the Cleveland Browns as his home for the redemption tour. I think we all know how that turned out.

Despite only playing in five games for the league-worst Browns, Griffin says he proved people wrong this year, that he could still get out there and do it.

I’m not sure what it is, but dude posted a TD:INT ratio of 2:3 -- the lowest in his career -- as well as a 59.2% completion rate. But this was for Cleveland, who still only won one of the five games with him under center.

Despite the subpar statistical year, Griffin says he wants to help the Browns win, as long as he's given the opportunity.

While he'll likely never return to his star level, his job is likely secure with Cleveland. That'd be due not so much to his skills, but more in part to the poor QB draft class.

So, I guess Griffin did prove people wrong.

He is an NFL player. Just not a good one anymore.