RG3: McNabb Never Talked to Me

Published on 6-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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RG3: McNabb Never Talked to Me

After spending last week blasting Robert Griffin III in a Washington paper, Donovan McNabb has been trying to back off of those comments this week.

Probably because he sounded like a jerk.

Now McNabb says he's a fan of Griffin and meant no harm by what he said last week.

"I've watched him. I've watched the young generation that's playing now and been a fan and loved the game of football. Any time that anyone can give you anything, I mean Deion (Sanders) has been doing it, Michael Irvin has been doing it, so why can't I talk to the guys?"

It's funny that McNabb is trying to compare himself to Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin about giving advice. There's a huge difference: Sanders and Irvin both have multiple Super Bowl rings. If you are RGIII, who would you listen to?

Donovan McNabb, who has zero Super Bowl rings or Peyton Manning and Tom Brady?

McNabb also said he had reached out to RGIII but was ignored. However, according to the NFL Network's Albert Breer, who is a colleague of McNabb -- McNabb now works for the network -- McNabb never got in touch with Griffin.

If McNabb doesn't learn to keep certain opinions in context, he risks becoming the new Tiki Barber, a pariah with a big mouth to whom no one listens or respects.