Resolute Rams Let Gestures Resonate

Published on 03-Dec-2014 by J Square Humboldt
Football - NFL / NFL Daily Update

Can't we all just get a grip?

What with the St Louis suburb of Ferguson experiencing a tragic, high-profile shooting, a fuzzy aftermath, and then an awkward closure, it's not surprising that strong personal reactions were going to span the spectrum.

So when five Rams expressed their feelings in a symbolic manner during pre-game intros last Sunday, the firestorm grew and surged.

And once again in this era of the 24/7 ADD media circus, a legitimate national issue gets hijacked by the reaction to it.

That means it's time to let the real pros handle this:

It only follows that this side issue has the potential of creating an issue of its own for the five protesters. What with NFL franchises owned by 1%ers -- and clever 1%ers at that -- note how Jason Whitlock drops a thought that the dust will take a long time to settle, like when no one's really looking:

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