Report: Tebow's Intelligence Called into Question by NFL Experts

Published on 1-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Report: Tebow's Intelligence Called into Question by NFL Experts

As Tim Tebow still sits and waits for the NFL -- or any league for that matter -- to call, we may finally have found the answer as to why the former Heisman Trophy winner is out of football. 

According to a story that is about to come out in ESPN the Magazine by David Fleming, Tebow may be mentally challenged when it comes to understanding the game.

Fleming has quoted several NFL sources who have said Tebow, at times, has trouble understanding the game.

 “He scored a below-average (for QBs) 22 on his Wonderlic test,” Fleming writes.

“As a kinesthetic learner, Tebow absorbs information better through using flashcards and hands-on repetitive experience than the traditional method of memorizing diagrams, notes and Polaroids from a playbook. That doesn’t mean Tebow isn’t smart or that he couldn’t develop into a brilliant, quick-thinking quarterback. It just hasn’t happened yet.”

What also might be a surprise to some is that Tebow suffers from dyslexia, which may hinder his learning the game at a quick pace. Keep in mind, though, as a student at Florida, he had a 3.7 grade point average.

But this news is contrary to what others have been saying about the kid, and it may be that now we are getting a better picture of Tebow's struggles and why he never started for the New York Jets.

Although I have to ask, even if Tebow does have a learning disability, it didn't seem to bother him while he was playing in Denver.

But while this surprising news may help us understand Tebow more, it probably hurts his chances of getting back into the league any time soon.

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