Report: Hernandez May Have Threatened Wes Welker

Published on 21-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Report: Hernandez May Have Threatened Wes Welker

As we still await word from the Boston police on whether Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be arrested for murder, more strange stories keep surfacing about Hernandez's character.  This may explain why former wideout Wes Welker left for Denver.

According to sources, Hernandez once threatened Welker because he wouldn't help him in the film room.  

Welker was hazing Hernandez, who was a rookie at the time, but he didn't take too kindly to it and reportedly said to Welker "F you Wes, I will F you up."

Welker must be relieved to be away from New England more than we realized at the time.

Shalisa Manza Young reported the incident for the Boston Globe. The Globe also is reporting that NFL scouts and University of Florida coaches have been worried about Hernandez's attitude for years.

Do tell. Wonder why?

As we reported yesterday, Hernandez has been caught in several incidents with firearms, and as each day goes by, you have to question the judgment of not only the Florida coaches, which included Urban Meyer, but the judgment of the Patriots coaching staff, as well.

Hernandez was even asked to leave the Patriots facility today. 

With each day passing by of this investigation, Hernandez's character ---or lack thereof-- is not doing him any favors in this pending murder investigation.