Redskins Pay a Shipload for Josh Norman

Published on 23-Apr-2016 by CJ

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Redskins Pay a Shipload for Josh Norman

Josh Norman is quite possibly the best cornerback in the league.

Don't bother ask the scouts about it.

Just ask his accountant.

Anyone who was paying attention will confirm this 2015 All-Pro cornerback played a huge role in the CarolinaPanthers' stifling D last season, picking off four passes and returning two of them to the house.

Not surprisingly, the Panthers franchised-tagged Norman at the start of free agency. The surprise came this past week when the NFC champs rescinded it.

Why would Carolina cut the cord a top cornerback in the league?

Does it have to do with his problems with teammates?

Possibly, his demands for a salary in the range of $15-$16million per season weren't in tune with the club's bean counters.

Unless someone involved cares to share, that one's a mystery.

What we do know is dude immediately became the best available free agent on the market. Sorry, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Norman wasn't a free agent for long, however, as the perennial free agent champion Washington Redskins signed him within the week.

Dude's contract is reportedly worth a whopping $75million over five years. The breathtaking part is it includes a stratospheric $51.1million in guaranteed dosh. Obviously, that's the highest sure money ever given to a cornerback.

Will Norman rise to the occasion and help Washington returnto the post-season?

Or will he be anther entry into a long line of big free agent busts to sign with the ‘Skins.

Looking at you, Albert Haynesworth.