Ray Rice's Wife Defends Him on Instagram

Published on 9-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Ray Rice's Wife Defends Him on Instagram

In a non-surprise move, Ray Rice's wife Janay came out with her own statement today.

She was defending her husband and slamming the media and fans for what she considers interfering with their life.

Under the circumstances, it's tragic that she feels she has to make any statement at all. Because now, the perception can easily be that she's simply rationalizing the situation so her way of life -- ie- status and lifestyle due to her husband's profession and paycheck -- is jeopardized.

However, there's no doubt her personal safety and health has already been compromised.

Janay Rice Instagram

To be fair, the now Mr & Mrs Ray Rice have not had any known issues since he knocked her unconscious in that hotel elevator. The only thing is, he knocked her unconscious in that hotel elevator with a punch Floyd Mayweather would've used against a trained opponent who would've been expecting it

So nothing has changed except the fact that the public has now seen the raw violence that was unleashed on her.

One question now is, when did the NFL see it?

If Roger Goodell is to be believed -- and that's getting harder and harder to do with each passing day -- league officials not only didn't see the tape, they didn't even ask for it, according to New Jersey officials.

NFL claims it didn't see Rice elevator video

Way to investigate, Commish.

Domestic violence is an issue that's beyond disturbing, and one of the reasons it's still an issue is that it's tolerated, often by sweeping it under the carpet.

What's becoming ever more clear in this entire mess is that -- getting down to brass tacks -- the NFL brass doesn't give a damn about domestic violence or most other social violations.

The NFL only cares about how it will affect the NFL.

Put me down in the category that thinks Goodell should resign whether or not he or anyone in his office knew about or saw the elevator tape. Either way, it simply shows a disconnect with moral decency. Even the most prolific of his former defenders now realize that.

Keep in mind this Janay Rice is a victim.

What's sad is that her husband has really yet to say that this entire situation is his fault and that he deserves the punishment.

Oh, they came out with a joint statement saying it's "both" their fault, but I've yet to see Ray Rice be a man and take any real responsibility. Instead, he remains silent and lets the victim speak for him, which says volumes to me about the type of man he really is.

And there are no more civil words of contempt left to say about what type of man Roger Goodell is.