Rapper Says NFL Is Racially Profiling DeSean Jackson

Published on 31-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Rapper Says NFL Is Racially Profiling DeSean Jackson

I told you that this DeSean Jackson thing is starting to take a life of its own.

It's turned from just another free agent looking for a new team to the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL being called out for racism.

Rapper TI was on the Jim Rome show today, discussing his feelings about the Jackson situation. He was definitely not happy at all and feels the NFL is giving Jackson a bad name.

“I think it’s a poor display of social growth on behalf of the NFL.

“I think that in this day and age to profile and to kind of stereotype someone because of the way they walk, or the way they talk, that’s profiling by definition.

“Unless they have some sort of hardcore, concrete, true evidence of a law being broken, I don’t see what the big deal is, to be honest.”

The Eagles didn't do themselves any PR favors by keeping Riley Cooper and cutting Jackson, but I'm not sure if race is involved or if Chip Kelly just got tired of him.

It was more than just the gang affiliation that worried the Eagles. According to them, it was his attitude.

Bruno has a point. The Eagles were the only team willing to give Michael Vick a second chance, and he came with some pretty ugly baggage.

It's been well-documented that Jackson didn't get along with Chip Kelly, and he was starting to come to work late, too. If this was you or me doing that at our jobs, we'd be fired with just cause. And Kelly has former Oregon Ducks who would run through walls for him ... well, maybe around walls, since his running philosophy is all about angles. But you get my drift.

So before we jump to any conclusions, let's hear the rest of the story from both sides.