Rams Hire Youngest Head Coach in NFL History

Published on 15-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Rams Hire Youngest Head Coach in NFL History

The second-least unloved pro football team in Los Angeles could've gone in any number of directions to fill their head coaching vacancy.

In the end, they decided to go young.

No, like really young.

Sean McVay, former Washington Redskins offensive coordinator and Kirk Cousins whisperer, is now in charge of the Rams.

And by the way, dude's only 30 years old.

Hmmm, interesting.

McVay could be pledging a fraternity in that photo.

He becomes the youngest head coach in league history; Lane Kiffin was 31 when he got the Raiders gig back in 2007.

For the Rams sake, let's all hope this tenure goes a little better.

This is a fascinating choice, particularly as a replacement for the befuddled and vengeful Jeff Fisher.

While the age of McVay is alarming, he does have an impressive résumé, considering his youth.

Dude's actually been an NFL assistant since 2008 and has spent the past three years in DC running the Redskins' offense, making the aforementioned Cousins resemble a competent QB.

The Rams also hired the fossilized Wade Phillips to coach their defense, so his eight decades of experience will certainly help.

At this point, the Rams really have nothing to lose, so why not hire a millennial to run their organization?

Remember when that 12-year old kid named Billy was owner and manager of the Minnesota Twins?

Wait, that was a movie.

Never mind.