Raiders Set Penalty Record ... and Still Win

Published on 2-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Raiders Set Penalty Record ... and Still Win

While committing the most penalties in an NFL game doesn't automatically spell doom, it certainly doesn't help.

The Oakland Raiders tested this theory on Sunday in Tampa.

Those notorious scallywags committed an NFL-record 23 penalties against the Buccaneers, amassing a remarkable 200 yards for said flags.

Somehow, the 200 yards of infractions is only the third-most in league history.

Even more astonishing is the fact that the Raiders actually won this game, outlasting Bruce's Boys, 30-24, in overtime.

Here's another set of numbers to ponder:

Raiders QB Derek Carr threw for 513 yards and lost another 71 because of those freaking penalties.

Afraid so.

Raiders coach Jack Del Rio doesn't appear to have any answers regarding this systematic lack of discipline.

The demons clad in Silver-&-Black led the league in penalties by a substantial margin even before this debacle, but hell, this isn't a recent phenomenon. Let's remember which team this is:

Since the turn of this century, the Raiders have committed 215 more penalties than any other team.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, the Raiders currently sit atop the AFC West at 6-2.

Keep up the good work, dudes.