Raiders Punter Is Sorta Athletic

Published on 28-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Raiders Punter Is Sorta Athletic

Punters are rarely considered to be athletes.

However, Oakland Raiders bootmeister Marquette King is slowly changing the perception of specialists in the NFL.

OK, that may be hyperbole, but this dude can certainly ball.

Last week in Jacksonville, the Raiders were in a nasty 4th-and-24 quagmire when this happened:

As you can see, dude's got wheels. 

This is certainly a departure from the usual punter antics.

King also performs his normal kicking duties at a very high level. 

In fact, he's arguably the best punter in the game at the moment, currently averaging just a shade under 50 yards per kick.

Dude recently inked a five-year extension worth $67.5million, so that's good.

By all accounts, he's also actually interesting.

Here's a fun fact:

The freakishly athletic specialist recently mocked Ray Lewis in Baltimore by doing his signature seizure dance after a punt.

That should score him some points in the universal cool book.

The Raiders have quite the weapon on their hands and should try to utilize his athleticism whenever possible.

Hopefully, King will do some more celebrity trolling in the near future.