Raiders Look Ready for Sin City

Published on 26-Aug-2016 by CJ

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Raiders Look Ready for Sin City

The City of Los Angeles had long been the wet dream of many an NFL owner.

For nearly 20 years, the country’s second-largest media market sat without a professional football team, and frankly, it didn't really care.

But it still held the promise of mega-dosh for a team owner. Plus, unlike many other major NFL sites, the City of Angels has beautiful weather virtually year 'round.

So, what’s not to love about LA?

The NFL's race for tinsel finally came to an end in January when Rams owner Stan Kroenke force-fed his plan to move his club back to the La La Land from whence it came.

That basically included a poison pill provision that effectively scotched the city's appeal to career weasel Dean Spanos and dum-de-dum scion Mark Davis.

In essence, they'd be left to forage for crumbs of revenue after Kroenke's Rams were done with their various gouges.

As it stands right now, the Raiders must hope that the Chargers don'tt exercise their one-year option to join the Rams. Even if the Bolts were to pass on the deal, the Raiders would themselves only have one year to make the same decision.

Not cool.

That's why Raiders have their sights set on Sin City.

Adding fuel to the fire, Forbes just reported the Silver & Black have filed a trademark application for Las Vegas Raiders.

It was easy to see why Kroenke had little interest in seeing the Raiders return to SoCal. Their gear was more popular than the Rams, and Al Davis' rebel attitude resonated much more among the hardcore locals than the gluten-free crowd courted by the Rams.

Las Vegas, however, perfectly fits the finger in the air that could serves as the Raider salute.

The city’s a lush paradise in the middle of Nevada's desert. It's existence seems like a freak of science and nature.

In other terms, it's what the Oakland Raiders are to the NFL.

Now, the trademark application doesn’t mean that the Raiders are 100% gone from Oakland.

However, Forbes did note that the timing of the trademark application was conveniently close to Nevada Senator Harry Reid voicing his support for a proposed stadium in the Sin City.

It'll be hard day for the Bay Area's Raiders fans to see their team leave them for the second time. The team's still at the heart of what it means to live in the tough city of Oakland.

Then again, it’s hard to blame the team when you play in the worst stadium in the entire league.

Look into the near future to see how whether or not the pending Las Vegas stadium proposal is approved.

If the board votes the plan's a go, the Raiders, too, will most likely go.

To Sin City.