QB Guru Says He Saved Tim Tebow's Career

Published on 18-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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QB Guru Says He Saved Tim Tebow's Career

Good news, America! Quarterback guru Steve Clarkson says he may have saved Tim Tebow's career through -- get ready -- Tai Chi.

Clarkson, who has worked with the likes of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roehisberger and USC quarterbacks Matt Barkley and Matt Leinart, says he has cured Tebow's bad throwing habits through Tai Chi.

"There was a lot of Tai Chi that we kind of put into his workouts where we really taught him to make his body work as one unit," said Clarkson.

"Most people who watch him will say for the most part that he has his moments when he throws in rhythm, he throws quite well. It's when he had to reset himself, that's when he would tend to get off balance and the ball would come off in an unnatural manner."

Ok, but does this mean he is 'cured' of his bad throwing habits? Well, not exactly, says Clarkson

"There's no question he can [shorten his throwing motion]" Clarkson said. "The things that he needs to work on are very coachable and actually very minor."

Clarkson made these comments in a Newsweek article. It's interesting this little tidbit would come out a week after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Mark Sanchez's mentor, Jeff Garcia, basically said the New York Jets should dump Tim Tebow.

Tebow may be a lot of things, but being dumb is not one of them. Give him credit for winning the PR  battle he has going with Sanchez. He may not win the QB position with the Jets, but he may be able to get picked up by another team.

It just might not be an NFL team.