Pre-Season Football = Bland Football

Published on 31-Aug-2013 by Towner Park

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Pre-Season Football = Bland Football

Listen, I know how important pre-season football is.

For the NFL, it's a huge moneymaker. Regardless of how lame and unsophisticated the offensive and defensive schemes are, NFL fans still go to them. In most cities, they have to be there, as pre-season games are part of their season-ticket package. Just another way the NFL extorts money from the viewing public.

I, however, will never physically attend or personally watch a preaseason game. Ever!

Mark my words, pre-season football is the saltine cracker of North American sports. Even the salt isn't satisfying.

The offenses and defenses don't showcase anything worth noting. The third- and fourth-stringers make you recall those halcyon days of replacement players.

For example, I read about Mike Glennon's 7 total passing yards in the first half against the Redskins. This is an outstanding rookie QB fresh out of NC State. I saw him play in college, and he had an excellent career. But his performance against the Redskins was just dreadful. This guy is fighting for a roster spot, and this is his best performance? Sure, the Redskins had several defensive starters playing significant minutes in the first half, but seven total passing yards? Give me a break.

Honestly, I wish the NFL was set up like college football. Spring scrimmages are a must. This is when starters are decided and offenses and defenses are formed. There are no 'pre-season' games. Week 1 of college football is unbelievably exciting. You truly don't know what to expect -- ask Kansas State -- and each and every game is meaningful.

Several fans get too wrapped up with the NFL pre-season. Earlier today, I had a Redskin fan comment about how his beloved club went 4-0 this pre-season. I'm sorry, but is this even noteworthy material? Did this guy just fall out of the sky and forget that pre-season games don't matter? I've seen several teams year after year go undefeated in the pre-sason and then proceed to have horrific years both offensively and defensively.

Yes, I do realize that there are several players low on the depth chart who are jockeying for a position. These pre-season games are obviously valuable for them. I praise the opportunity that these guys are given, but honestly, I could care less about the actual games. You can find a player's usefulness in scrimmages, specifically against other NFL teams. If you're a pro team's coach, you can also tell if an athlete is worthy of a roster spot simply by his work ethic, his preparation, and how well he performs in practice.

Despite my opinion, pre-season will never disappear. It's a major commodity for the NFL and, as we all know, the NFL is as greedy as a Tony Montana imitator. It will continue to hype the product and cause empty hope for millions of football fans.

Luckily for me, the pre-season is now officially over! Now on to real football!