Picked On: Tony Romo Intercepted Throwing Coach under the Bus

Published on 16-Dec-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Picked On: Tony Romo Intercepted Throwing Coach under the Bus

When Dallas coach -- and nine-lives Garfield -- Jason Garrett blamed Tony Romo for the interception against Green Bay that sealed the Cowboys' place in Purgatory, many wondered if the QB would follow suit and throw his head-man under the bus, too.

He tried.

Sadly -- and somewhat predictably -- he was intercepted:

"I think if you play long enough, you have plenty of big wins and tough losses," said Romo, watching his coach sail into the waiting arms of a taxi driver on the back bumper of the bus. "This is obviously a tough one."

Tony, have another shot. You still can still win this.

"It's a run call that we have. We'll have it up three to five or six times a game. That specific time, obviously when I look back now, you should run the ball, because you throw an interception. You should never give them a chance to have the ball."

Okay, that's closer -- a bounce off the back window of the bus. C'mon, focus, man! Garrett didn't blame his matador defense. He didn't blame his run-game amnesia. He blamed you! Put him right under those Goodyears!

"They overloaded the side we were going to run the ball to, and I ended up throwing to the man who was one-on-one. The defense did a real good job of coming in. It's my fault for obviously putting the ball in position where the defense could make a play."

Jesus, Tony, that throw missed the bus by twenty feet and took out a woman with a stroller. This is awful, dude. I'll give you one last chance to make amends.

"Yeah, he ended up cutting his route off, and I threw it as if was continuing to go to sideline. We'll get that right. We'll go back and access the whole process and get it right."

Pathetic. I'm done.

Anyone know when the next bus comes through?