Peyton Manning; Really?

Published on 5-Feb-2014 by Larry Cory

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Peyton Manning; Really?

Why in the world would anyone think that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time?

Yes, we all seem to love the guy.

He's funny, charming, and by golly, a great Saturday Night Live host!

In fact, maybe this bit was an omen:

Manning's a role model and a true stand up guy, but  has his personality charmed us so much that we want to be able to say that we got to watch the greatest quarterback ever play?

Just like the title of that God-awful show on ESPN says, The Numbers Don't Lie! You all know the numbers I'm talking about.  11-12 in the post-season. Yes, folks, he's under .500 in the playoffs! He's now 1-2 in Super bowls. Please allow me to compare:

  • Bart Starr ... 2-0 in Super Bowls (back-to-back in Super Bowls I and II); 2 MVPs
  • Bob Griese ... 2-1 with back-to-back wins in Super Bowls VI and VII
  • Terry Bradshaw ... 4-0; back-to-back in IX and 10 and then again in XIII and XIV; 2 MVPs
  • Joe Montana ... 4-0; back-to-back in XXIII and XXIV; 3 MVPs
  • Troy Aikman ... 2--0; back-to-back; in XXVII and XXVIII
  • John Elway ... 2-3 in Super Bowls, but hey, it's the Broncos; back-to-back in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII
  • Tom Brady ... 3-2 in Super Bowls; 2 MVPs

I could add a few more, but you know the numbers, and they don't lie! There is no way that Peyton can even be considered the greatest quarterback ever. He's not the best quarterback in Bronco history (Elway). He's not the best quarterback in Colt history (Unitas). Hell, he's not even the best quarterback in his own family (Eli is 2-0 in Super Bowls with 2 MVPs). 

Simply stated, Peyton Manning is what he is:

The greatest regular season quarterback in the history of professional football!

And he'd better change those audibles in that Buick commercial. The Seahawks have figured those out, too. Wait 'til he barks "Outlaw!" at that damn radio next time!