Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse

Published on 12-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse

Talk about timing.

What in the hell is going on in the NFL?

A bad week just got worse with news of one of its biggest stars being accused of child abuse.

And upon further review -- as the league likes its refs to say -- this could be the first case where the Ray Rice elevator video had a direct effect. The reports are it took a re-submission to a grand jury to gain an indictment. The current -- and justified -- sensitivity to family abuse moved this one to Front Street:

And to think Peterson lost a 2-year-old child last year to abuse at the hands of another man..

According to TMZ, who went national with this after picking up a local report, this was no ordinary whuppin':

The police report on the case includes photos of cuts on the boy's thigh and hands. He also had bruises on his lower back and buttocks, and according to the report ... Peterson admitted punishing him.

And yes, there video of sorts. The doctor in Minnesota who examined the boy called the police after seeing this damage.

Adrian Peterson photos of spanking injury

Now, keep in mind these photos were taken in Minnesota and the injuries were suffered in Texas. They were worse, and also included marks on the family jewels as well as the kid's hands, which were in the line of fire as he tried to shield the blows.

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And to think Peterson lost a 2-year-old son to abuse from another man just last year.

Child Protective Services confirmed they're already on this case and say the alleged victim is an 4-year-old boy. 

I've had a switch used me when I was young. Yes, it hurt, but to me, it was far from abuse. However, this incident sounds like more than just a spanking took place.

There's absolutely no doubt that the Vikes consulted with every department, from legal counsel to public relations, before opting to deactivate their star running back. They were very careful to ensure their initial process was sound.

If this case finds Peterson guilty -- he's cooperating with the authorities and admitted to the ultra-spanking -- maybe it's time for NFL execs to take a harder look not only at Roger Goodell, but the lack of league policies that address these matters. This stuff has been sliding for far too long.