Peterson Finally Speaks about Son's Death

Published on 18-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Peterson Finally Speaks about Son's Death

A multitude of comments have been made about Adrian Peterson since the death of his two-year old son.

Most of it has been negative, and Peterson hadn't address the situation until now.

“People are going to speculate and say this and that. I can’t let that bother me. I’ve been too focused on trying to mourn and be there for his mother and take in the loss of my son,” Peterson said. “I haven’t been able to focus on anything else outside of that.”

“It’s an unfortunate situation and I can speak on it,” the Minnesota Viking running back continued. “But, yeah, I found out recently that it was my son, like two months ago. I was planning on seeing him and I had talked with his mom and had gotten some things together as far as financially helping her. Unfortunately, this situation took place and it’s devastating. A lot of people won’t ever understand the situation that I am in, to see it the way I’m seeing the situation. It’s tough, but I’m able to deal with that. I got a good supporting cast around me that has been supporting me at this tough time.”

Since his son's death, one of Peterson's ex's accused him of being a poor father, and a man claiming to have taken care one of Peterson's other children put him on Front Street as well.

But during this hard time, Peterson says his main concern right now is taking care of his family. 

“My main focus has been on my son and his mother and their family down there in Sioux Falls. I’ve just been trying to wrap my head around things and try to stay focused and play ball as well. Things have been tough, but I can handle a lot. Like I said, I’m built for anything that comes my way. This right here will pass.”