Paul Richardson Channels His Inner OBJ

Published on 8-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Paul Richardson Channels His Inner OBJ

Predictably, the Seattle Seahawks dispatched the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card round with relative ease, as the Lions simply refuse to win a road playoff game.

While the Seahawks dominated this game on the ground with the help of RB Thomas Rawls and a punishing offensive line, the passing game lent a hand as well.

Enter Paul Richardson.

The third-year wideout caught a mere 21 balls in 2016, but made quite an impression against the Lions.

We'll begin with this work of art, which included a side of facemask:

Let's just disregard the fact that Richardson almost twisted Tavon Wilson's head off while making the catch.

Somehow, only Wilson was flagged on the play, but no matter.

We'll call that multi-tasking, which only made the grab even more impressive.

That would've been plenty, but Richardson was just getting started.

This one was almost ho-hum compared to the touchdown grab, but this dude is setting the bar pretty high.

There was one more degree-of-difficulty grab, but let's just watch all three in succession:

Hold for applause.

For the record, Richardson was targeted four times in the game.

He made three circus grabs but dropped the other one, a pass that literally hit him between the 1 and the 0.

Apparently, if it's not spectacular, Richardson quickly loses interest.