Patriots to Cut Another Starter?

Published on 11-Jul-2013 by Richard Huryn

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Patriots to Cut Another Starter?

Here's how it goes these days:

__(insert team name here)__, starting __(insert position here)__, was arrested for __(insert violation here)__ ... and so on.

Memo to the Commish:

Get a grip. Sooner rather than later. If your damn league has fines for players whose socks aren't pulled up, how does this stuff keep happening with only crickets coming out of your office?

Today's details:

New England Patriots starting cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Lincoln, Nebraska early Thursday morning.

This arrest comes while Dennard was serving a two-year probation and a suspended 30-day jail sentence (set to serve in March 2014) for a felony assault conviction in April 2012 where he punched a policeman.

This dude's a veteran of more than football games.

Reports are that the judge in the April 2012 case allowed the suspended sentence due, in large part, to a 'letter of character' that Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick wrote.

Does Bill Belichick strike you as someone who will tolerate being made to look like a fool? No, didn't think so. Not counting hidden cameras at other teams' practices, of course.

The Patriots should just cut Dennard now. Between the legal consequenes he'll likely receive for violating the terms of his probation and suspended sentence and NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell's actually stepping up to put a hammer down (after all, the Commish has named DUI as something he really wants to crack down on, but we've heard that one before) as well as the head coach's ire, it's not like Dennard will see the field anyway.

Unless, of course, the Pats can't find someone of equal ability.