Patriots Gronkowski May Need Back Surgery

Published on 18-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Patriots Gronkowski May Need Back Surgery

Rob Gronkowski's partying days may be put on hold for awhile.

A report from USA Today says that Gronkowski may need back surgery soon. 

A source close to the New England Patriots’ tight end said he recently underwent an MRI on his back to check on a disc issue he had that dated back to last season. The good news is Gronkowski didn't reinjure it coming out of college. Back in 2009, Gronkowski needed to have his disc shaved down.

The source also said a decision has yet to be determine on whether or not he'll need surgery.

Gronkowski will meet with a specialist soon to the extent of his condition, but it is believed that if surgery is required, he'll be back in time for camp. 

One thing this source didn't mention was how Gronkowski hurt himself. For his sake, I hope there aren't pictures out there of him doing anything to screw up his back. 

We all know how Gronkowski likes to walk on the wild side, but if this turns out to be more serious than he or his doctors think, it's going to be more than Gronkowski's back that'll be in jeopardy.