Pat McAfee's Rather Pleased with Ryan Grigson's Firing

Published on 24-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Pat McAfee's Rather Pleased with Ryan Grigson's Firing

The Indianapolis Colts have finally put GM Ryan Grigson out of his misery, dismissing him after five seasons of diminishing returns.

This development isn't terribly surprising, although it looked like dude would get one more year.

While some aren't exactly disappointed to hear this news, Colts punter Pat McAfee is downright giddy.

Upon hearing about Grigson's demise, the longtime specialist turned on his Twitter and went to work.

Honest and succinct.

But wait, there's more.

Well played, sir.

It's not like McAfee was the only person to publicly celebrate the departure of Grigson, but he was without question the most creative.

After radio personality Dan Dakich suggested the thoughts of a punter may not be terribly important, McAfee turned the funny in his direction.

As we all know, McAfee has never been bashful about sharing his thoughts on pretty much anything, including the pot.

When compared to the garden variety athlete sound bites that contain an endless torrent of cliches, he's quite refreshing.

For the Colts, this was probably for the best. It appears Grigson wasn't the most popular dude in the organization, so a change was likely necessary.

Indy's roster isn't exactly overflowing with talent, and the Andrew Luck window won't be open forever, so the next guy might want to work on that.


In the meantime, keep speaking that truth to power Pat McAfee.

Remember, punters are people, too.