Pacman Jones in Trouble with the Law Again

Published on 11-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Pacman Jones in Trouble with the Law Again

Stop me if you've read this headline before: Adam 'Pacman' Jones has been arrested.

On second thought, don't stop me. This is a new one.

It's been a while since we have heard from Pacman. Nice to know he still has a knack for garnering the spotlight.

Around the same time that the Chad Johnson story broke yesterday, another story broke about Pacman Jones being arrested for attacking a woman.

Apparently, the woman threw a bottle of beer at Pacman because he wouldn't take a picture with her, and in his usual fashion, he retaliated by slapping her. 

Jones claims it was self-defense. He pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday. 

Pacman made a statement on Twitter about the incident:

"Just got arrested for protecting myself, I will not let this break me or change what I have work so hard for"

What he didn't 'work hard for' was an 'A' in English. Not sure what he meant, unless he had a bet with Bengals management.

I'll have to give it Pacman; since he's been with the Cincinnati Bengals, he's been on his best behavior. But this could change all of that.

If found guilty, the NFL could suspend him for a while or kick him out of the league for good, since this isn't his first offense. And knowing Pacman's history, it probably won't be his last.

Hope he has a good lawyer, and here's hoping Pacman won't slap him on the behind if he gets out of this.