Owens Wants to Be the First Black Bachelor

Published on 8-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Owens Wants to Be the First Black Bachelor

Get ready America, Terrell Owens wants to be your new Bachelor.

Yes, the former NFL star wants to become the first black dude to be fawned over by a bevy of brazen headline whores who are just as superficial as he is.

Only problem is, he's still married.

But, to paraphrase John Cusack in Being John Malkovich, enough about that.

TO tried to make his case for becoming the first black Bachelor by making a video for TMZ.

Yes, TO, I'm sure a broke, former NFL player who's late making child support payments and desperately needs the money is a real catch to some women.

Just ask his current wife. I'm sure she'd be glad to back him up on this.