Osweiler Follows Manning Outta Town

Published on 9-Mar-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Osweiler Follows Manning Outta Town

Is it safe to say it yet?

That quarterback is an important position, but its importance is overblown.

Or at least overhyped.

Denver Broncos rostermeister John Elway apparently believes that. He opted to use the club's franchise tag on a linebacker. A pretty decent linebacker, in fact:

Can't argue that.

Brock Osweiler surely wouldn't. It allowed him to file for free agency and pick up a nifty 4-year, $72million contract with the Houston Texans. Most importantly, $37million of that package is guaranteed.

That trumped Denver's offer. Elway left it at that, and so the Texans' new 6-7 chucker pocketed some serious Houston coin.

Oh, he'll be doing all of that while he waits for someone to forward a Super Bowl ring to him.

Speaking of, that game and the playoffs weren't exactly the most shining moments in Peyton Manning's illustrious career.

Maybe Elway took a look at that, at Kirk Cousins beating out the marquée name in DC, and at the Chipster's turning Nick Foles into chicken salad in Philadelphia.

There are only so many special talents out there, and Elway's qualified to know that there sure as hell aren't 32 of them.

Elway tweet

And Osweiler's stayed true to his, which is $7million more in guaranteed money than the Broncos' philosophy.